The Reflection of the Man

[person_by] Martine Stig

August 2021

In "The Reflection of the Man" —a video essay—, I grapple the meaning of Human in a hybrid world. Deploying and reflecting on ubiquitous technologies like face recognition software, I explore the act of seeing, beyond the explorative and embodied act. Speculative and visual, using Rorschach and algorithms, I try to get closer to my non-human companions and broaden the concept of being present.

‘The reflection of the man’ is a result of an ongoing dialogue with Ilse van Rijn about technology and memory in a more-than-human world.

Martine Stig
Martine Stig (b. 1972) is an artist based in Amsterdam. Point of departure in her work is the photographic image; the voyeuristic act: photography (verb) and the autonomic product: photo (noun). Whilst using the medium (and moving away from it) she researches its role in the perception of reality.


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still from Art for Machine (artist talk)Martine Stig2020

still from Art for Machine (artist talk), Martine Stig, 2020

Martine Stig


In this research I focus on the changes the photographic image has undergone in the transition from analog to digital. In fact, the photographic image has become bilingual; it is both image and data and can be read by man and machine.


Part of Program

Ilse van Rijn

2 October 2021 4:00 pm

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

Performative lecture 'Fire, or how to get rid of those embarrassing graphic markers’ by Ilse van Rijn. On living/writing with a more-than-human world. Followed by a conversation with Ilse van Rijn and Martine Stig about their collaboration and respective works ‘Fire’ and 'The Reflection of the Man'.

Radiance of Sensible HeatSema Bekirovic2016

Radiance of Sensible Heat, Sema Bekirovic, 2016

Radical Reversibility

16 September 2021 - 3 October 2021

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (Wed-Sun 12-8PM)

The exhibition From Seeing to Acting invites us to (re)consider the mutual relationships between seeing and acting. 


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