Glued Eye

[person_by] Peter Bogers

July 2021

The installation consists of two black and white video images, one video projector and two thin (2 mm) illuminated fibre lines.
A large projection shows images of moving objects or people that are fixed in one place on the wall by means of a sophisticated tracking technique. This technique continuously shifts the frame of the video image in a way that the chosen object stays in one place. Thus, all movements are neutralised.

Directly behind the projector a very small 4,7 inch screen shows a close-up of a moving eyeball, of which the pupil is fixed in the middle of the screen. A luminous wire is stretched across the exhibition room, between the fixed point of the projected image and the centre of the small eye pupil. The wire is a physical and stationary element in the exhibition room.

Peter Bogers
In Bogers' work sound and image are equivalent elements which always determine form and content in a dynamic interplay. Many of his installations seem to examine the breaking points between music-sound and sound-speech, often with the help of electronics and the human voice. When does sound become music, or vice versa?


Part of Program

Radiance of Sensible HeatSema Bekirovic2016

Radiance of Sensible Heat, Sema Bekirovic, 2016

Radical Reversibility

16 September 2021 - 3 October 2021

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (Wed-Sun 12-8PM)

The exhibition From Seeing to Acting invites us to (re)consider the mutual relationships between seeing and acting.