Art for Machines

[person_by] Martine Stig

July 2021

Art for Machines. In this research I focus on the changes the photographic image has undergone in the transition from analog to digital. In fact, the photographic image has become bilingual; it is both image and data and can be read by man and machine. The functional visual language used within image recognition technology makes visible to humans what the machine sees, reduces a photographic image to a "machine essence". I am interested in this new language, the crossroads between human and non-human vision.

Martine Stig
Martine Stig (b. 1972) is an artist based in Amsterdam. Point of departure in her work is the photographic image; the voyeuristic act: photography (verb) and the autonomic product: photo (noun). Whilst using the medium (and moving away from it) she researches its role in the perception of reality.


Works in This Study

The Reflection of the Man, video stillMartine Stig2021

The Reflection of the Man, video still, Martine Stig, 2021

Martine Stig


In "The Reflection of the Man" —a video essay—, I grapple the meaning of Human in a hybrid world. Deploying and reflecting on ubiquitous technologies like face recognition software, I explore the act of seeing, beyond the explorative and embodied act.

Art for Machines (art talk)Martine Stig2020

Art for Machines (art talk), Martine Stig, 2020

Martine Stig


When celluloid was replaced by sensors twenty years ago, the photographic image became bilingual. The digital image, now being shot, shown, stored and shared by one device, lives up to (and beyond) expectations of analogue mnemonic technologies.

WeAlgoMartine Stig2020

WeAlgo, Martine Stig, 2020

Martine Stig


WeAlgo is a new way of meeting online, a playground where you create your - fluid - identity. WeAlgo uses facial recognition algorithms to protect our screen privacy, instead of violating it. It lets you move freely through a truly shared space. A ball masqué, anonymous yet truly there.

Through a Glass DarklyMartine Stig2020

Through a Glass Darkly, Martine Stig, 2020

Martine Stig

Through a Glass Darkly  (2020, black&white print, framed, screenprint on artglass) is a series of portraits of young girls. Black & white photography combined with coloured stripes and dots -the graphic language used in image recognition technology, grammar of machine vision.

The Photo ObjectMartine Stig2019

The Photo Object, Martine Stig, 2019

Martine Stig


The Photo Object is a visual experiment in which I take pinhole photos and then pass them through the face detection and image recognition software.