Taisuke Koyama

Taisuke Koyama

Taisuke Koyama(b. 1978, Japan) approaches the medium of photography inline with his studies in Biology and Environmental Sciences. He investigatesthe relationship between organic processes and phenomena, and the man-made objects that facilitate their visual capture. Although photography hasbecome predominantly digitalised, his own research brought him to a fieldwhere the most important players are the physical processes thatphotography requires for its existence on the one hand, and the physicalobjects that we need for the reproduction of the resulting images on the other.Sometimes, these players form a team, and sometimes they find themselvesplaced as opponents. This field of play Koyama games by manipulating therational connections between process and object, by tinkering with thephysical objects themselves, and through wilful impairment of the algorithmicbase rules, in order to arrive at his manipulated images. In recent years,Koyama has been investigating the expressive power of devices thatgenerate data input, such as hand scanners and digital microscopes,focussing in particular on the plurality and fluidity of the data generated,recording the results in his latest works.

Taisuke Koyama (b. 1978, Japan) is a visual artist.




Taisuke Koyama's Works

light field 104taisuke koyama2017

light field 104, taisuke koyama, 2017

Taisuke Koyama

2015 - ongoing

This series is a work documenting the input light sources of handheld scanner and flatbed scanner. The crumpled iridescent cellophane is inserted between the two lights to visualize the information of light itself.