Peter Bogers

Peter Bogers

In Bogers' work sound and image are equivalent elements which always determine form and content in a dynamic interplay. Many of his installations seem to examine the breaking points between music-sound and sound-speech, often with the help of electronics and the human voice. When does sound become music, or vice versa? When do sounds turn into speech, into communication? When does speech falter into inarticulate sound? Bogers also displays an unremitting preoccupation with the human body, which he employs on various levels, not only as a visual element in his videos, but also as a spatial component or as conceptual material. In his works, the unity and identity of the body, as it can be perceived from the outside, has made place for fragmentation and alienation. Peter Bogers was born on 3 January 1956 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. From 1977 to 1981 he studied at the sculpture department of St. Joost Academy, Breda. Starting his career as a performance artist, he later devoted himself to video art, video installations and sculptures. He has had solo exhibitions both in The Netherlands (at the Netherlands Media Art Institute and the Central Museum Utrecht, among other places) and internationally (including solo shows in Bremen, Marseille, Osnabrück, Pittsburgh and Stuttgart).

Peter Bogers (b.1956, NL) is a visual artist.



Peter Bogers's Works

Glued EyePeter Bogers2020

Glued Eye, Peter Bogers, 2020

Peter Bogers


The installation Glued Eye consists of two black and white video images, one video projector and two thin (2 mm) illuminated fibre lines. A large projection shows images of moving objects or people that are fixed in one place on the wall by means of a sophisticated tracking technique.