Mustapha Azeroual

Mustapha Azeroual

A scientist by training, his work is based on observation and experimentation experimentation, confronting the historical techniques of shooting and printing to the contemporary with the contemporary issues of photography. Questioning the tools the process of appearance and the supports, the artist privileges above all the point of view of the spectator. His work consists of an analysis of the photographic and is articulated around four main fields of study: the study of the light, the question of the motive, the study of the recording and the restitution of the color and the question of the support. These research themes have given rise to sections of works in which the series become spaces of experimentation. Permanent resident of the Capsule, Centre de création photographique du Bourget, he joined Fresh Winds at the end of 2015, as part of the Gardur Biennial of Contemporary Art of contemporary art in Gardur, Iceland. He is developing the ELLIOS project, a study of light, in partnership with the LESIA (sun observation pole of the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon). Mustapha Azeroual's works have been included in collections including the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (France), the French Museum of Photography (France), the AM Art collection (France). Mustapha Azeroual lives and works between Marrakech and Tours.

Mustapha Azeroual is a visual artist, based in Paris.



Program with Mustapha Azeroual

Mustapha Azeroual

26 September 2021 2:00 pm

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

Artist talk + Q&A by artist Mustapha Azeroual about his Echo and Radiance series, in which he explores the materiality and conditions of light through experimental photography and sculpture.


Mustapha Azeroual's Works

MonadeMustapha Azeroual

Monade, Mustapha Azeroual,

Mustapha Azeroual

Monad: [In Leibniz] A substance that is inanimate, impervious to all external action, but undergoing internal changes internal changes obeying the principles of appetition and perception and which constitutes the last and simplest element of beings and things (v. entelechy)

RadianceMustapha Azeroual2019

Radiance, Mustapha Azeroual, 2019

Mustapha Azeroual


Radiance is a work on the recording of colour in photography, based on the assumption that the photographer has only a limited control over the colours he records and reproduces photographically due to the very nature of the medium.

Echo#1Mustapha Azeroul2015

Echo#1, Mustapha Azeroul, 2015

Mustapha Azeroual


The Echo series is a continuation of the ELLIOS project conducted in partnership with LESIA (Pôle d’Observation du soleil de l’Observatoire de Paris-Meudon) on a photographic study of the sun.

Echo/ Corps Noir #1Mustapha Azeroual2017

Echo/ Corps Noir #1, Mustapha Azeroual, 2017

Mustapha Azeroual


Through this work, Mustapha Azeroual tends to materialize the light, condition of the visible, paradoxically invisible.